Pantha Blazely

Pantha first visited India in 1980 and has been leading and organizing  journeys to the Himalayas since 1996.  She visits Bhutan, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and West Bengal regularly. 

Her cultural understanding and sense of humour ensure our journey is a meaningful, rewarding and heartfelt experience. 

She believes in giving back to the communities we visit and manages the collection and distribution of over 350 sponsorships for nuns, monks, yogis & children as well as several school and various health projects.



What others say ...

"Thank you so much for a remarkable journey.  You certainly have the knack for arranging things to perfection & at the same time allowing what each person would like to do.  You are kind, considerate & fun and allow thing to "go with the flow".  I can only look forward to the day when I can come on another tour."                                                                 Maggie - Australia
"Traveling with Pantha on one of her Journeys is life changing.  She is a witty, knowledgeable guide with a great sense of humour.  One would never be at a loss in her hands ... Her wealth of wisdom about India and Bhutan comes from a long association with both countries and a passion for their people .....  I loved traveling with her!"                    Carol - New Zealand
"Travelling with Pantha to Bhutan was one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered. Pantha is definitely the "invisible leader" - you do not know she is there until you need her, and then she weaves her magic and any situation is resolved. Pantha's contacts in Bhutan are fantastic, great tour guides, lovely accommodation and wonderful food, and best of all - consummate hosts at all the places we stayed. Pantha you have made my experience of Bhutan really memorable, you introduced me to some wonderful people, catered for all my needs - and wants as well, your style as a tour director is practical and unassuming and your passion for the Bhutanese people and their magical existence is infectious. You take tours to a new level - "forget the glossy brochures and wonderful descriptions that tour operators give "  just give me some real heart and real passion mixed with a quality down to earth tour that just makes me want to go back and do it all again."                                   Arnie - Australia

"I was lucky enough to travel to Bhutan with Pantha and her wonderful heart, and I was changed by the experience.  Her obvious passion for the land, its spirit and its people showed in every way - and, yes, it was contagious.

Pantha's knowledge and experience made my visit a simple joy from start to finish.  All travel, connections and arrangements were easy and smooth, and everyone involved was warm, friendly and very, VERY present the entire time.  Absolutely nothing we asked of Pantha or her support seemed to be a problem.  Her personal relationships in both business and religious circles gave us access to amazing people, and places throughout the trip."         Frank - USA