Journeys to Bhutan, Sikkim & Tso Pema


We are preparing for our annual sponsorship tour to Tso Pema and Himachal Pradesh  

Travelling through the foothills of the Himalayas with friendly and knowledgeable people you have the opportunity to experience the joys and blessings of visiting sacred places, temples and meet delightful people in the heartlands of Tibetan Buddhism.      .    

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Small Groups for your ease & comfort.


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Enjoy walking, strolling, arts & crafts, shopping, meeting people, exploring sacred places, visiting temples, sitting in silence.

Experience all the benefits of traveling in a small group with friendly people & a flexible itinerary.

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Giving Back

       Giving back to the communities and people we meet is an essential part of Journeys with Pantha. 

We arrange individual sponsorships for nuns, monks & children in India and Bhutan.   We also manage several health care and educational projects.

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