Our Jinpa - Our Generosity


Enabling the Joys of Generosity


Sponsoring began in 1998 on Journeys to Tso Pema (Rewalsar), where a community of Tibetan nuns live in caves. People wanted to sponsor nuns and so Pantha became a carrier pigeon.  Since then, through the kindness of many people, sponsorship has flourished and now benefits over 350 nuns, monks, yoginis, yogis, children and elderly Himalayan people at Tso Pema, Shimla, Mungpu as well as some monks in Bhutan.  At Tso Pema we now employ people in the local community to help with administration and long distance communications.

All sponsor & project monies go directly to India & Bhutan with no admin costs deducted. 

Below is a slideshow of people requesting sponsorship.  Here is a link to a grid of the photos.



Having direct contact with the people being sponsored keeps Pantha aware of the health, quality of life and ongoing needs of each individual and their communities.  This has led to us to supporting some community projects including schools and several health care projects.


If you wish to sponsor one of the nuns or monks above or a child or elderly person please contact   PanthaB@westnet.com.au


Giving back to communities and people we meet is one of the joys on Journeys with Pantha.

Here are some photos of people meeting their sponsors.